What Piggy Bank knows about the current page

From: Jan Egil Kristiansen <styrheim_at_post.olivant.fo>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:28:28 +0000

http://totem-records.com/art/links.htm is a page with a lot of outdated links.

To remedy that situation (the offending page is beyond my control) I have
which asserts what new pages are replacing the old ones, and that
http://totem-records.com/art/links.htm is referencing the new ones. And I
have saved this information in my Piggy Bank.

Now: If I browse http://totem-records.com/art/links.htm, Piggy Bank tells
me that this page contains no tidbits. That is true.

However, PB has saved assertions about this page, and about the pages it
links to. If I ever need these assertions, I need them when I am at
links.htm, about to navigate its links.

Wouldn't it be slightly cool if PB could tell me that "this page contains
no tidbits, but it has been asserted that its link to
<http://www.kkart.cz>kkart.cz has been replaced by armouronline.com" ?

Jan Egil
Faroe Islands
Received on Mon Feb 28 2005 - 21:26:40 EST

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