Welkin - First release report

From: Paolo Ciccarese <paolo_at_aim.unipv.it>
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 23:59:35 +0100

After several discussions, Stefano and I listed the following steps
as fundamental in order to release Welkin v.1.0:

* Add check boxes for each element of the resources and predicates tree.
   This will allow the user to rapidly exclude/include parts of the
   or part of the relations.
* Add, for each element of the resources and predicates tree the total
   number of resources; predicates represented by each element.
* Chart filtering (operating on in/out degree and clustering coefficient
   charts it will be possible to select which resources to visualize in
the graph).
* Resources colour management through the sliders and a limited palette
   with colours available for the chosen hue.
* Exception handling through a dialog window that will give the user a
   and optionally detailed description of the problem.
* Add a dialog for file loading (it can be time consuming, therefore, it is
   useful to let the user know)
* A complete profiling.

We also planned to delay the implementation of the following features:
* Introduction of at least two different modalities for navigating and
   the model
* Possibility of saving the result of the simulation
* Creation of customized sliders (for predicates tree)
* Different resources colour management (fast selection across an extended
   colours palette)
* Handling of RDFS/OWL information

Thanks again to Ryan and David for the precious feedback.

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