Re: Considerations on RDF presentation

From: Chris Bizer <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 12:25:54 -0500

> Two things, though, that I didn't realize: first of all CSS selectors
> have no notion of namespaces. there was a proposal in 1999, but is still
> as a working draft, so I'm really not sure that fresnel:value:after
> would work.

What are these guys doing?
Why do we trying to build on prehistoric technologies?

> Second, the above feels still a little too much RDFish for my XML
> tastes, there might be a way to make it look a little less verbose and
> yet as expressive (maybe using some attributes... not sure really, but I
> have that gut feeling that we can do more about this).

I had attributes first, but the CSS for getting the information again out of
the attributes was far beyond what any user would be willing to write down.
Having nice CSS selectors was also the reason for the rather verbose XML.

I guess everybody will get what is meant with

foaf:person > fresnel:property > foaf:depict > fresnel:value

> > Disadvantages
> > - Less expressive.
> Why is it less expressive? not trying to be dense, just curious.

Please express "Display all person that know more than 30 other persons
using a special color" with a CSS selector ;-)

> > - blurres the distinction between selection and styling (by having label
> > and image in the lens)
> True, although HTML suffers the same problem and we can't really say
> HTML was a failure, can we? ;-)

Might be true that blurring the distinction isn't a proplem.
I'm not sure yet.

Emmanuel, what do you think?
Would something like this fit into IsaViz?

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