Re: Considerations on RDF presentation

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:48:52 +0100

Chris Bizer wrote:

>>>- Less expressive.
>>Why is it less expressive? not trying to be dense, just curious.
> Please express "Display all person that know more than 30 other persons
> using a special color" with a CSS selector ;-)

That's the kind of thing I was refering to in our off-list discussion
about the intermediate tree being "far" from the source data we are
actually interested in visualizing (meaning that selectors such as the
one you mention here, even if they can be expressed, will seem more
abstract, I mean "far" from the source RDF data). But that is of course
not a reason to stop investigating this. There are many advantages to
this approach.

And we could always replace CSS selectors by XPath expressions (just

> Emmanuel, what do you think?
> Would something like this fit into IsaViz?

I guess it would. Actually, you could say that as long as you are able
to get some SVG rendering of this tree, it fits into IsaViz. But that
does not really answer the question. More precisely, the question
becomes: would something like this, which obvisouly fits well into
XHTML+CSS (nested box model), also fit well into SVG (which has no
predefined representation model)?

We are not really making any assumption on how to present the data,
except for the fact that we now have a more explicitly hierarchical
structure which has a fairly obvious mapping to an XHTML structure. But
there are different ways of representing a hierarchical structure. So my
a priori answer to the question is "yes, it should fit well, we only
have to find an appropriate representation of such trees in SVG/IsaViz".
By appropriate I mean something different from what an XHTML version
would look like. There is no point in doing the same rendering as XHTML
but in SVG. Actually, this idea of finding this appropriate SVG
representation is very interesting.

I am willing to go in this direction.

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