Fresnel Use Cases

From: Chris Bizer <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:14:54 -0500

Hi Emmanuel and all,

just for keeping everybody up-to-date.

We have discussed several use cases for combinations of different parts a Fresnel today and also directions browsers could take to implement Fresnel.

So some usage szenarios and the combination of Fresnel technologies one could use to realize them.

1. Szenario: Generate hirarchical output (Longwell-style)

    Use: Fresnel Lens Vocab + Fresnel Style Vocab + CSS styling instructions inside Fresnel styles
           + have a renderer producing the XHTML and final CSS directly
    Or use: Fresnel Lens Vocab + Fresnel Style Vocab + External CSS stylesheet using hooks to CSS classes.
           + have a renderer producing the XHTML and final CSS directly
    Or use: Any combination from above, but generate an intermediate XML tree, like the one I outlined this morning.
           + Use some XSLT engine or Cocoon afterwards to render the intended output format.
    Or use: Only Fresnel Lens Vocab, but not the Fresnel Style vocab.
           + Render an intermediate tree.
           + Use CSS3 namespace aware selectors in an external stylesheet on the intermediate tree, as I proposed this morning.

2. Szenario: Generate output graph, no hirarchy (IsaViz-style)
          + Use Fresnel Styles, but no Fresnel Lenses, which will not alter the graph structure.
          + Use Fresnel Styles and but only Fresnel Lenses without sublenses, which will result in something similar to what IsaViz currently does with tables, meaning grouping properties together but still preserving the graph structure.

Emmanuel: What do you think about the second scenario?

Hope that I don't confuse everybody who wasn't in this room ;-)
I guess thinks will become clearer, when I'm done with the documentation.

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