Re: Fresnel Use Cases

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:31:10 +0100

Chris Bizer wrote:

> 1. Szenario: Generate hirarchical output (Longwell-style)
> Use: Fresnel Lens Vocab + Fresnel Style Vocab + CSS styling
> instructions inside Fresnel styles
> + have a renderer producing the XHTML and final CSS directly
> Or use: Fresnel Lens Vocab + Fresnel Style Vocab + External
> CSS stylesheet using hooks to CSS classes.
> + have a renderer producing the XHTML and final CSS directly
> Or use: Any combination from above, but generate an intermediate XML
> tree, like the one I outlined this morning.
> + Use some XSLT engine or Cocoon afterwards to render the
> intended output format.
> Or use: Only Fresnel Lens Vocab, but not the Fresnel Style vocab.
> + Render an intermediate tree.
> + Use CSS3 namespace aware selectors in an external
> stylesheet on the intermediate tree, as I proposed this morning.

If properly modularized, Fresnel should allow all of these. Having all
these options seems interesting. But having so many options might also
confuse people. We will have to be careful about how we present all this.

> 2. Szenario: Generate output graph, no hirarchy (IsaViz-style)
> + Use Fresnel Styles, but no Fresnel Lenses, which will not
> alter the graph structure.

That's the easy one.

> + Use Fresnel Styles and but only Fresnel Lenses without
> sublenses, which will result in something similar to what IsaViz
> currently does with tables, meaning grouping properties together but
> still preserving the graph structure.
> Emmanuel: What do you think about the second scenario?

Yes this should work. I still have to go in the details about this in
order to find out what I will support exactly w.r.t the latest changes.
I'll do that next week. Chris, do you think you will have written more
documentation by then ?

Same thing for FSL by the way. I'm overbooked with tech' talks and
meetings this week, so I'll resume working on FSL next week. Things
should go faster then, as I'll be able to devote much of my time to
Fresnel. Hopefully this will clear up what you can do with FSL (and what
you can't do).


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