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From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 07:29:10 -0500

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Hi Stefano and Emmanuel,
> we had an interesting meeting with David Karger today, focusing mostly on
> the intermediate format a Fresnel engine could produce.
> Because Haystack supports editing data, they need the URIs of instances to
> be passed to their widgets so that they can update the underlying RDF
> repository if necessary.
> This wasn't included in the intermediate format I proposed 2 days ago, but
> is no problem to add.
> This thought lead us into the direction, that it might be a good idea to
> implement one Fresnel rendering engine that would provide all Fresnel
> functionality and output an intermediate tree.
> This tree could then be used by Longwell, Haystack, IsaViz and Cocoon to
> render whatever they like. Meaning that the tools would share as much code
> as possible.
> I'm not implementing, so it is not my business, but looks like an
> interesting idea.
> Seen on an abstract level (not XML), the tree would be a tree of RDF nodes,
> where each node has a set of CSS styling instructions attached to it. Pretty
> general and the kind of input all four tool need.
> I will update the documentation and the RDFS vocabularies now and freeze the
> stuff afterwards.
> I will be in New Jersey over Easter and will be back on Wednesday afternoon.
> I guess that I'm online only occasionally till then.
> David Karger will read the manual in detail until next Thursday and we will
> meet with him then again to see if he found stuff that would make it
> impossible for Haystack to use Fresnel. He and I don't think so, but we will
> see.
> I will fly back to Berlin next Saturday, so I will basically be at MIT only
> two more days (next Thursday and Friday). Maybe I will spend some time on
> defining such an intermediate language then, so just see how the Fresnel
> issue list looks next week ;-)

I don't have a problem with this, as long as the output tree is somehow
canonicalized so that post-processing with XSLT is duable.

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