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From: David Provost <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:19:40 -0500

I prefer the list the way it is.

Until the discussions reach a larger scale, it's helpful to me to have all
discussions on a single list. Otherwise, I'd be required to subscribe to
several lists, which wouldn't be terribly burdensome, but still a bit of a
pain. With one list, I can be sure that I'll see the entire stream, which
has proven to be helpful to me.



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Eric Miller wrote:
> For those interested in unsubscribing from this list I direct your
> attention to
> which makes it clear how to do this.
> For those interested in continuing ... from various recent talks with
> the development team and seeing what is in the works, its clear to me
> things are going to get very interesting, very quickly :)

I would like to add: if you unsubscribe because you think this list is
noisy, please tell us why you came along and we might decide to split
the (noisy for you) conversations by creating a more specific mail list.

In fact, the fresnel discussion might appear noisy to people that are
here for longwell and/or general simile tools but don't care about the
nitty gritty details of an ontology creation.

Thoughts? comments?

[please speak up, don't just walk away ;-)]

Thanks for your interest in SIMILE anyway.

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