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From: David Provost <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:50:08 -0500

For those on this list familiar with both DSpace and Simile:

It's beginning to seem as though the Simile suite will either transcend the
capabilities of DSpace ( or simply render its
functionality as limited and unnecessary. I'm arriving at this conclusion
after reading Chris Bizer's meeting notes sent Thu 3/24/05, reading messages
from the Simile list, listening to others, and just trying to think this
through in general.

Am I perceiving the evolution of these technologies correctly?

Here's how I've been looking at DSpace and Simile:

DSpace is an abstraction layer above a data store(s). Tools from Simile can
then be applied to this abstraction layer to annotate/tag, create views, and
ultimately weave together electronic artifacts no matter their type or
location. I also include programs in this notion of weaving (eventually, if
not now) that will allow individuals (in a corporate setting, authorized
users) to create and/or tailor the functionality they want or need.


David Provost
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