From: Stephen J. Garland <garland_at_csail.mit.edu>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:56:06 -0500

Release 1.0.11 of the Hayloft is available now on the Haystack update
site (http://haystack.csail.mit.edu/update). Source code is available
from the Haystack svn repository at

Changes in this release include:

* Additional data providers in the marble plugin.
* Use of the marble plugin by the bio plugin.

Known bugs:

* Address plugin does not work (throws Adenine exceptions)
* Bio plugin seems to work, but throws Java exceptions
* Haystack perspective should appear on start-up, show "goto" and
"search" options on right pane.

Workarounds and tips:

* Get a "New Window" from Eclipse if you don't see the "goto" and
"search" options.
* Delete
to throw away your RDF store and start afresh.
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