Using Welkin for Power System Data

From: Alan McMorran <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 21:44:20 +0100


Just thought I'd send a quick email to say thank you so much for creating
Welkin, you've saved me untold amounts of mind numbing work trying to work
out if my own software was doing what it was supposed to by letting me
visualise the output data with welkin!

In case you're interested, basically my work (PhD in power systems here in
sunny ol' Scotland) is to deal with XML data for power systems. There's a
nicely design standard called CIM (Common Information Model), which most
utilities in the states are now using, as well as EDF in France, various
Chinese companies, undoubtedly lots of other companies in other countries
and some folk (including ourselves) are now looking at here in the UK. My
project's to do with importation, modification, amalgamation and
interrogation of this data then exportation again as RDF/XML data again (as
well as into various other legacy formats).

I wrote a few quick programs that simplify down the 10,000 off objects of a
small power network model so it represented to just a hundred or so buses
and branches and realised that using welkin I now had a nice way to
visualise networks for which I have no line diagrams. This was also a nice
example to show some folk about how storing data in this nice RDF/XML format
was way better than proprietary comma seperated values or similar which they
were doing before. I'm on a mission to make them realise that there's a
better way than some archaic 1980s file format.

The reason you've saved me so much work though is that the latest stage of
the project is to amalgamate network models, so using welkin I was able to
check the output of the application to check for stupid mistakes or
incorrect network joins rather than having to manually go through tens of
thousands of lines of XML code trying to work out whether the various
branches had joined together correctly.

Just thought I'd say thanks, and thought you might be interested in how the
application's being used. I hope to get round to playing about with the code
in the near future, see if I can back in some power network symbols on the
diagram etc.

I'll try not to taint your work too much :-)



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