Re: Tyro's efforts with Longwell 1.1.

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 22:53:56 -0400

Hi Jon,

> Longwell stopped throwing me errors;
> however, it still won't show me anything. Mark Butler's comments
> ( were
> helpful in dispelling some of the fog, but I had a question about them.
> He says:
> <<
> You will probably have lots of instances of the string "Okatee Creek" in
> the data. To normalize this, you create a node that represents the
> concept of "Okatee Creek". This node has an rdfs:label attached that
> says "Okatee Creek". Next you update all the experimental results that
> were taken at Okatee Creek point at the node rather than the string e.g.
> <ohh:deployment>OCM20011113</ohh:deployment>
> <ohh:location>
> <rdf:Description
> rdf:about="
> ations#okateeCreek">
> <rdfs:label>Okatee Creek</rdfs:label>
> </ohh:location>
> In the above, the rdf:Description element is not closed. Should it be an
> empty element or should it have its own closing tag? I presume the
> former, but I'm just checking. Also, would the resource node in question
> look like this:

I guess he left off the closing tag. It should be:
       <rdfs:label>Okatee Creek</rdfs:label>

If it were an empty element, there would be no statement. This is
slightly easier to see in the RDF/N3 representation:

      :okateeCreek rdfs:label "Okatee Creek" .

> <ohh:location
> rdf:resource="
> ations#okateeCreek">
> <rdfs:label>Okatee Creek</rdfs:label>
> </ohh:location>

In N3,

      :_anon0 ohh:location :okateeCreek .
      :okateeCreek rdfs:label "Okatee Creek" .

If you wanted to express this in RDF/XML in-place, you'd need to use
rdf:Description (or some other explicit element) instead of using
rdf:resource in the property element (see the first example I wrote).

> If anyone would be willing to explain, briefly, why this file does not
> work, it would go a long way toward clarifying for me just how an rdf
> model should be structured, and how it should function.

I loaded your data without modification into Longwell 1.1, freshly
downloaded from the SIMILE distributions, and it worked. Perhaps if you
start over using a fresh copy? Build any arbitrary bundle; empty the
non-ontologies data and put content.rdf in webapp/WEB-INF/data, and
place config.n3 in webapp/WEB-INF

Some things to clean up:

In config.n3, there is a non-empty intersection of properties listed in
displayProperties and displayFacets. I suggest you take dc:location and
uwdl:objectname out of the list of displayProperties. There should not
be an overlap.

In your RDF data, you have some URIs that look like
Pass (Afghanistan and Pakistan)" You may want to normalize the spaces
into another character (maybe the "_" character).

The object of your dc:source and dc:thumbnail predicates should be a
resource, not a literal, so:


This namespace isn't used anywhere:

But it should really be:

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