Re: Help with Fresnel Java demo?

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 13:50:01 -0400

Hi Justin,

You have the dubious distinction of being the first person I know of to
run this code other than me...

> I recently discovered the Fresnel site and I'd really like to see a
> simple demo of it in action... I pulled in the version posted on the
> website, read the manual, and started poking around. However, I ran
> into a few problems:

You've arrived at an interesting time. The short story is that the code
is aiming at a moving target and to date has only hit part of the mark.
    It is intended to parse Fresnel selection statements and apply them.
  What happens after the selection phase is currently under discussion.

I am addressing some issues in the code that came up under testing, then
I'll add some methods to implement one of the post-selection options.
At that point, you may have a channel for using the output of the
current codebase together with XSLT to come up with some XHTML. The
goal for this code, though, is to integrate with our Longwell2 browser,
and there will be some substantial changes alongn the way to accomodate
that goal.

There may be a standalone full Fresnel demo from SIMILE at some point in
the future, based in part on this code, but there isn't a deadline for it.

> - A compile error in regarding
> FresnelCore.primaryClasses

Sorry, I needed to commit my latest version of the ontology. Update the
full trunk and try again?

> - Some confusion with the proper choice of files for the Fresnel
> command-line: <conf> <onto> <data>

conf = Fresnel configuration (like the FOAF examples)
onto = Ontology data
data = Data to configure

Using URLs:

[~ ]% ./

> - Some confusion on how to actually implement/use a simple
> FOAF->XHTML demo.

There isn't one available from my work yet.

> I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a simple procedure
> for acquiring a demo-functional copy of Fresnel and running the Java
> demo using the simple FOAF example files.

So the code simply doesn't do this on its own - you'd have to write a
bit (a lot?) of your own code for a full demo of Fresnel in Java. If
'in Java' is not key for the moment, Hannes Gassert has written an early
implementation of Fresnel in PHP5 called Arago:

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