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From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 12:48:00 -0400

Hello Jon,

Jon Crump wrote:
> On Mon, 16 May 2005, Ryan Lee wrote:
>> The inferencing we do is limited to deducing subclass relationships
>> and making deductions that follow from owl:sameAs relationships, but
>> nothing else. We've found the inferencing code available to Longwell
>> 1.x to be too inefficient to be useful beyond what it now does, and
>> even that can be a long wait.
> Ryan,
> Cwm is definitely the deep end for one with little programming
> experience, but it has already repaid some experimentation. I've
> subscribed to public-cwm-talk and will take my importunate queries over
> there.

Best of luck, cwm can be your very good friend.

> As to Longwell, do your comments imply that its development will be slow
> or did you mean simply that longwell is slow to process such deductions?

The engine itself, the one that processes rules and applies them, is slow.

> Its not clear from the on-line resources what the future plans for
> longwell might be. Are there plans to expand its inferencing code a la
> cwm? Plans for additional browsing or searching features; exposing more
> of Lucern's searching capabilities (boolean operators etc) to the
> end-user for example? Will there be (bearing in mind the exigencies of
> open-source projects) a Longwell 2.0? And on another front, could you
> clarify, for the naive user, what sort of "integration with DSpace" is
> ultimately intended?

We are working on Longwell 2.0. You'll hear quite a bit more about this
in the near future, so pardon the brevity of answers in this reply.

> I should mention that I'm evaluating longwell and other elements of the
> Simile project with an eye toward providing the end-user (library
> patron) a seamless and flexible interface for browsing and querying
> disparate collections of digital resources. To this end, longwell seems
> just the ticket. Could members of the development group comment (at
> their leisure) on future plans for longwell from this perspective?

As you've probably gathered, that's precisely the use case SIMILE is
aiming at. More on future plans in the...future.

> Again, many thanks for all your good work.
> Jon
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