Re: model.addTag equivilant for xslt scraper?

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 21:57:52 -0400

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your bringing your experiences to the list.

Brad Clements wrote:
> Still pursuing importing my bookmarks and tags.
> I guess I can do it using javascript, but would prefer to try it in xslt.
> Is there an xslt equivilant to 'addTag' in xslt?

I'll say no for now, but I wasn't involved with this part of the
architecture at all, so you might dig up something to the contrary.
I'll look into it, or someone else will be able to say with certainty.

> I would like to import the 'description' and 'creator' elements as well, can I
> just inject arbitrary DC properties into a
> class?

It's RDF, you can say anything about anything (so, yes).

> I can't find a list of "defined or allowed properties" for this class in the trunk,
> or in simile's list of ontologies. I guess anything goes if I use the correct
> namespace, eh?

For the purposes of this discussion, you may assume that there is no
such restriction. You can go declaring your webpages are also bananas
if you feel so inclined (but some of us would start to distrust you just
a bit).

> Just stuck on addTag from xslt.

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