Re: model.addTag equivilant for xslt scraper?

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Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 10:31:43 -0400

Quick note-- you might want to leave the RSS alone and parse the HTML directly.
Then you should get all the pages, no? I don't use so I don't know
whether you get all the bookmarks on one page or not.

For now, you can't read the model from javascript.

On my sites there are several scrapers that read extra pages in addition to the
one you're viewing.


Quoting Brad Clements <>:

> Nevermind about this, I wrote a javascript scraper to parse the rss.
> But, is only returning 32 entries via rss.
> So, I might have to write another parser to use the REST api to get all the
> posts, then download every post individually.
> ..
> Can the model return tuples? Maybe I want to record when I last scraped
> by trying to read from the datastore the last date of an entry.
> But, I'd need to find all Web Page classes loaded from a, how
> can I read the model from javascript?
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