Re: piggybank - script warning - 100% cpu

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 01:23:50 -0400

Alf Eaton wrote:

> Brad Clements wrote:
>> I saw this yesterday after installing piggybank and thought it was a
>> fluke, but now it's happening again.
>> I'm running piggybank on FF 1.0.4 on Windows XP.
>> While reading bloglines, piggybank has gotten itself in some mode
>> where every page load, or even just switching between tabs, results
>> in 50% or more CPU time being used by FireFox.
>> Eventually I get a "script warning" popup that says
>> a script on this page is causing mozilla to run slowly. ..
>> Do you want to abort the script?
>> If I click cancel, the cpu usage goes back to 50% and I get the
>> pop-up again. If I click "ok", the usage goes back to normal until I
>> either switch tabs (that's a big clue) or browse to another page.
>> Looks like the datacoin icon scanner has gotten confused and so its
>> taking too much time to run.
> I'm seeing this too, though not necessarily in the same circumstances.
> With Firefox 1.0.4 on Linux, after a small amount of browsing, Firefox
> will suddenly start using as much CPU as possible and the memory use
> shoots up as well. I normally end up force quitting Firefox. I agree
> that it's probably something to do with the extension scanning for
> linked data - it doesn't happen when Piggy Bank is uninstalled.
> alf.

It seems that there is a memory leak in Firefox that Piggy Bank triggers
with its event listener registration code. If you observe the Java
console, there's actually no activity. Though we haven't logged this
bug, we are very much aware of it and will be fixing it asap.


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