semantic bank integration: users

From: Erik Hatcher <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 15:54:55 -0400

In my efforts to architect the Collex system with Semantic Bank as
its underlying collection system I'm not sure how to integrate users
into it. Semantic Bank has the profiles, yes. I would prefer to
have an external system (a relational database and Ruby-based front-
end) to manage user authentication.

What thoughts do you have on how to go about such integration/
cooperation between an external system and Semantic Bank?

Would it make more sense architecturally to not use Semantic Bank but
rather an RDF engine (like Sesame) directly? What does Longwell/
Semantic Bank offer an external application over using Sesame directly?

And since I'm developing my application in Ruby, what other RDF
engines should I be considering?

At this point I'm more and more confused about which direction is
best to head architecturally. At first it seemed great to use
Semantic Bank directly, but perhaps it doesn't benefit my application?

The idea is that my application will interact with a collection of
objects collected from digital archives and allow them to be
presented in rich and compelling ways as an exhibit to be potentially
submitted for peer review and publication.

Any and all thoughts on my perhaps muddled questions are greatly

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