Re: semantic bank integration: users

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 21:03:44 -0400

Erik Hatcher wrote:

> In my efforts to architect the Collex system with Semantic Bank as
> its underlying collection system I'm not sure how to integrate users
> into it. Semantic Bank has the profiles, yes. I would prefer to
> have an external system (a relational database and Ruby-based front-
> end) to manage user authentication.

Semantic Bank is currently implemented by taking Piggy Bank and applying
the quickest modifications just to show off the idea of a communal
repository. It sure needs a lot more work. I'd recommend that you work
with Ryan and Stefano to flesh out the user management aspect of SB.

> What thoughts do you have on how to go about such integration/
> cooperation between an external system and Semantic Bank?

We definitely see value in hosting SB within an existing web site. Ideas
on how to do that integration are very welcomed :-)

> Would it make more sense architecturally to not use Semantic Bank but
> rather an RDF engine (like Sesame) directly? What does Longwell/
> Semantic Bank offer an external application over using Sesame directly?

SB/LW offer:
- Faceted browsing + searching
- Export of data being browsed in an easy way for Piggy Bank to fetch back
- Support for public and private spaces by the use of several Sesame stores
- Integration of tagging schemes from multiple users, giving rise to
communal folksologies

I think Sesame is about RDF access for programmers, SB/LW are about RDF
access for users.

> And since I'm developing my application in Ruby, what other RDF
> engines should I be considering?
> At this point I'm more and more confused about which direction is
> best to head architecturally. At first it seemed great to use
> Semantic Bank directly, but perhaps it doesn't benefit my application?

Perhaps you can install a SB in your own group and see how to use it,
then you can have a better feel about how to make use of it in your
application. Frankly, how SB might work from a social point of view is
vague to me, too.

> The idea is that my application will interact with a collection of
> objects collected from digital archives and allow them to be
> presented in rich and compelling ways as an exhibit to be potentially
> submitted for peer review and publication.
> Any and all thoughts on my perhaps muddled questions are greatly
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Erik
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