Re: PiggyBank connection refused when browse My Piggy Bank

From: Alvin Chin <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 14:29:55 -0400

Thanks Ryan. I installed the binary over and it works. However, I used
to like the feature before in the old version which showed the
Bibliography entries from BibTex if you made an RDF file from a bib
file. But I can't seem to find that feature in this one. Is there a
feature to view the semantic data if the web page is written in RDF or
uses Semantic Web? The older version had that, and allowed you to save
that data as well.



Ryan Lee wrote:

> Alvin Chin wrote:
>> Hi I just installed Piggy Bank 2.0b1 from the XPI file generated when
>> I did a subversion checkout of the Piggy Bank code. However, I run
>> into the following problem that Connection is refused at
>> when I browse My Piggy Bank. Before I had it working
>> with the older version which was a binary and not the subversion
>> checkout. I uninstalled the old version and updated the new version,
>> after I upgraded my Firefox to the latest 1.0.4 and Thunderbird to
>> the latest 1.0.2.
>> Anyone know the reason why I get this problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Alvin
> Hi Alvin,
> At this point, the differences between the repository code and the
> binary we released are minimal, just some small bugs fixed. If you
> want a running Piggy Bank now, I suggest you install the binary over
> your build. With 2.0, installing a different XPI over the old one is
> probably easier than uninstalling/reinstalling.
> If not, could you tell me if you quit and restart Firefox after
> uninstalling? How about after installing the XPI you built? Which
> platform are you running on? Can you look in your Java console log
> while Firefox is starting and in your Javascript console log after
> it's started to see if there are any reports from Piggy Bank?
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