Re: PiggyBank connection refused when browse My Piggy Bank

From: Alvin Chin <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 15:25:59 -0400

Sorry by 'old version', I meant 1.x version. I got the RDF of my BibTeX
file to be collected into Piggy Bank, so all is well.


Ryan Lee wrote:

> Alvin Chin wrote:
>> Thanks Ryan. I installed the binary over and it works. However, I
>> used to like the feature before in the old version which showed the
>> Bibliography entries from BibTex if you made an RDF file from a bib
>> file. But I can't seem to find that feature in this one. Is there a
>> feature to view the semantic data if the web page is written in RDF
>> or uses Semantic Web? The older version had that, and allowed you to
>> save that data as well.
>> Thanks,
>> Alvin
> Hi Alvin,
> By 'old version,' do you mean a 2.x or a 1.x version? Data collection
> in Piggy Bank 2.0 behaves quite differently from 1.0; see [1].
> If that's not what you mean and you're comparing one iteration of 2.x
> to another, then I'm afraid I don't follow your question. Could you
> point out an example of an RDF-from-BibTeX file on the web that causes
> this problem so we can look into the problem?
> 1.
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