Re: longwell "Referring Resources"

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:24:40 -0400

Jon Crump wrote:

> On a related matter, we're pretty committed to Dspace here. I'm not
> exactly clear on how Simile intends to "leverage and extend" it, though
> it sounds like a great idea.

We don't have a clear vision of that either.

> Do you have some sort of screen-scraping in
> mind, like what we've seen in your work on Piggy-Bank - harvesting the
> dublin core metadata from Dspace repositories for example, and modeling
> it as RDF; or do you have something more elaborate in mind that will
> implement RDF for Dspace at a more fundamental level?

We are thinking about providing a patch for DSpace that exposes the
dublin core metadata of items (and searches!) as RDF, this would allow
it to integrate with PB without scraping.

An easier fix would be to allow DSpace to return a 'x-dspace:' header in
the HTTP response, thus identifying a web site that runs DSpace and
allowing the scraping to happen (for example via the OAI-PMH interface,
instead that by scraping the HTML page, that might change from
installation to installation).

> If I could speak
> to this in my upcoming demo for the folks here (in about a week), it
> might go a long way toward encouraging them to think practically about
> implementing semantic web applications.

Although my group is still heavily involved with dspace, you have to
understand that it's an open source community and therefore they have to
buy into the thing before accepting the patch (and we have to write it
first too ;-)

But this is the general plan for dspace 1.x

As for dspace 2.0, we would like to incorporate longwell and RDF triple
store more deeply into the architecture, but it's way too early for that.

> Kudos on your work and many thanks for your patient and helpful
> responses to my queries.

Our pleasure.

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