Re: [ANN] SIMILE Welkin 1.1 Released

From: Paolo Ciccarese <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 17:00:41 +0200

Alan McMorran wrote:

>>This release brings several new features and a rewritten internal RDF
>>architecture, which lead us to a drastic reduction in code size, memory
>>consuption, startup time and RDF load time.
>Just out of interest, why did you move from the Jena parser to the OpenRDF
>one? The Open RDF parser doesn't seem to like my data and throws parse
>exceptions like:
>java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: '#_7'
Hi Alan,
I saw that with Jean help (thank you Jean!) you already solved the
problem related to the above exception.

The idea behind Rio was to move to a light rdf parser as Jena was havyly
underused (Rio is about 150K against about 3Mb of Jena, this sounds
good with web start). In fact, RDQL and other features are not used in
welkin at all. That because welkin is going probably to be a
visualization tool only, while facetting will be performed by other
applications like Longwell.

>Great wee tool though, everyone I've showed it to here has been highly
Thank you for you interest in Welkin.


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