Re: [RT] Moving Piggy Bank forward...

From: Erik Hatcher <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:57:08 -0400

Stefano - thanks for breaking the ice and opening up the RT thread...

> The forth thing that is really needed is a way to tune the view
> based on
> data type. David and I spent a lot of time designing the 'one size
> fits
> all' data view, but as others pointed out, this is just another way to
> do what the original web site already does.... and most of the
> time, poorer.

That is a very interesting point, and obviously one that is the
general crux of the problem with RDF.

One interesting idea I've had for our application that might work
with Piggy Bank also is to take a snapshot the page itself as a
graphic and keep attached to the resources from that page as a
thumbnail. It looks like Otis has done this with Simpy:

We have a lot of non-graphical objects to collect (poems,
manuscripts, etc) and having a visual of the page it was on would
likely be a big hit with users (though we also have scans of the
actual manuscripts that we can use also).

> So, here are possile solutions for the above issues:
> 1) decoupling PB from the browser

I'm curious what ways you have in mind for this. Would it be a proxy
that monitors all HTTP traffic?

Our application is a server-side collector (Collex - in development,
nothing but local prototypes in existence thus far). Being separate
from Firefox is a great thing for me, since I Firefox really annoys
me usability and aesthetic-wise compared to Safari and I simply do
not use Firefox except to tinker with PB (or for web development

A local "bank" is not what we need for our system - it must be a web-
based service accessible from a browser ( I like
the decentralized concept of PB, but being centralized on a server
(though installable anywhere like Semantic Bank) is the goal for Collex.

If PB was primarily a gateway to SB rather than a heavy client it
would be very synergistic with what I'm working on.

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