RE: [RT] Moving Piggy Bank forward...

From: Shashi Kant <skant_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 15:54:09 -0500


I would like to my 2 cents to this discussion...

I know there are technical challenges to writing a plug-in application for
Firefox...but I am a bit hesitant at considering a standalone application
just for that reason alone. My guess is, a standalone app will pose an
entirely new set of challenges and does not necessarily solve anything. Of
course, we all know about the hesitancy of users to install yet another
application onto their system.

How about considering a compromise solution..say like Mercora (the P2P music
app) you can run it either from within the browser or standalone depending
on your preference...I know this might mean extra work for all of us, but
worth considering...

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