Question about Location (Google Maps) Function in Piggy Bank (v2.0b3) ...

From: Matthew Furtek <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:44:25 -0700

Stefano, David and Community,
This is a great application. I am trying to use Piggy Bank to map data,
specifically I'm attempting to map out the location of doctor's offices that
take my insurance near me.

I can put that data with attributes manually into my PiggyBank, but when I
attempt to map the locations, Google Maps gives me a page that says
"Loading..." and hangs. The locations are in ordered pairs and I can see
them when I manually search for them in Google Maps.

The one clear fault of my operation I see is... since I'm collecting this
data for my own use right now, everything is on my local machine (I don't
operate a web server, nor am I using URIsr), so maybe I'm incorrectly trying
to use the mapping functionality in your software?

I'm completely new to XML/RDF architecture programming, in fact I figure I
am doing something completely illogical, but I haven't found any sort of
help for what I'm looking for. Thanks for helping.

Matthew Furtek

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