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From: Eric Miller <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 09:41:34 -0400

On Jul 28, 2005, at 2:44 AM, Matthew Furtek wrote:

> Stefano, David and Community,
> This is a great application. I am trying to use Piggy Bank to map
> data, specifically I'm attempting to map out the location of
> doctor's offices that take my insurance near me.
> I can put that data with attributes manually into my PiggyBank, but
> when I attempt to map the locations, Google Maps gives me a page
> that says "Loading..." and hangs. The locations are in ordered
> pairs and I can see them when I manually search for them in Google
> Maps.

While DavidH has responded on the problem (one that's plaguing many
of us), i just wanted to comment on the use case your describing.

In short, it's great!

One of the hopes we have for this work is making it easy to not only
merge (personal, public, etc.) data from various sources but make it
easy to merge this data with data services as well. In the case of
mapping, there are far too many ways people might want to map *their*
data and in short, I find apps like PB simply make it easier to do.

If you're building scrapers for getting this data, please consider
contributing these as well as there may be others who would find this
interesting. Additionally, please consider elaborating on your use
case as I'm sure there will be others here that would also find this
story (what worked, what didn't, etc.) very interesting.

In the particular use case use cite, for example, I could imagine the
ability to view doctor's offices that take particular insurance
carriers that are near people's home, work, etc. to be a particularly
useful criteria in which carrier to choose.

Simply talking about these use cases are a great way to collectively
start building the scraping infrastructure to help make this happen :)

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