Re: bibliographic issues

From: Bruce D'Arcus <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 11:44:32 -0400

On Aug 2, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Eric Miller wrote:

> Solutions for 'english only' are a non-starter. I'm curious if you
> think the following example would capture these requirements.
> <foaf:Person rdf:about = "&foo;">
> <foaf:name xml:lang="jp">杉本重雄</foaf:name>
> <foaf:name>Shigeo Sugimoto</foaf:name>
> <foaf:givenname>Shigeo</foaf:givenname>
> <foaf:surname>Sugimoto</foaf:surname>
> </foaf:Person>

Since I publish in English and very rarely deal with anything else, I'm
not sure. I only know enough to know it's an important issue. Will
see if I can track down someone who knows more about this sort thing.

What I wonder about is pretty basic international stuff, like how would
software know how to deal with a name like Mao Zedong. IIRC, Mao is
the family name, so presumably (?) also the primary sort key. OK, if
that's right, no problem at this point. But what if you have a rule
that says that the reference list should list authors in sort order
like so:

Doe, J.

How will the software know how to correctly sort and format Mao? If
the primary name is mandarin, then it should be formatted as is? But
then how do you know which is the primary name and which is
transliterated? I'd almost want to add a transliteratedName property.

But as I said, I'm hardly an expert in these matters. I just raise the
questions because they need raising.

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