Weekly activity report

From: Stephen J. Garland <garland_at_csail.mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 14:52:15 -0400

What Steve did last week:

Gave Haystack demo at the CSAIL conference on The Future of Computing
and Communication Platforms (to Daniel Ling from Microsoft and Joel Emer
from Intel).

Straightened out long-standing inconsistency between Haystack browsing
paradigms used in freestanding and Eclipse operation.

Assisted a new Haystack UROP in understanding, beginning to improve the
UI for the calendar agent.

What Steve will do next week:

Incorporate recent improvements into public release of Haystack.
Document lessons learned.

Work on adding/improving Haystack/Eclipse plugins: faceted browsing,
sample Simile data, media center, email.
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