RE: [announcement] DSpace Scraper - Reloaded

From: Matthew Cockerill <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:15:32 +0100

This in fact ties back to my original question, when joining the list, about the best ontology(ies) to use for bibliographic data.

Right now, BMC is planning to go the route of RSS+dublin core+PRISM.

In order to ensure the interoperability of different bibliographic ontologies within piggy bank, my understanding is that this will depend on:

(a) extending piggybank to support inferencing
(b) the provision of some glue RDF that expresses the various equivalence relationships between the different standards for bibliographic RDF markup.

In terms of (b), my question is, how/where should reponsibility for that glue RDF sit, in order to make the naive users experience of PiggyBank as simple as possible. Ideally a new user should not have to navigate the web to find this RDF to teach their piggybank about bibliographic information.

Could this information be maintained in a default, persistent, semantic bank, to which all piggy bank clients connect to by default, and which would provide a certain amount of curated 'background knowledge' that would help piggy bank to 'just work' from the point of view of end users.

[Of course a more sophisticated user might choose to exclude this default semantic bank, and instead define precisely what semantic information they wanted piggy bank to use...]


> Also, I'm concerned about the use of
> '
> 1#' namespace in this (and other) scrapers. Looking at the code, it
> seems clear you're using this to type 'Publications'. I'd suggest we
> either work with the ontoweb folks for making this available or use
> another namespace for this term that resolves to something useful
> (ideally one that has some sort of clear persistence policy).
> If there are not readily available terms the Dspace community
> needs I
> think we should work with them to find out what they are and simply
> write these to the web. Other than the class 'Publication' is there
> anything else you've come across in modeling the data?
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