Re: PiggyBank Mapping

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:48:45 -0400

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Ryan Lee wrote:
>> I propose one method is to change all URLs from /piggy-bank/[model] to
>> /piggy-bank/[hash of user's email]/[model]. Thoughts?
> Yeah, that would fly.. I wonder if Google has a web service for key
> generation... or if they would be interested in having one to facilitate
> the job... hmmm anybody from google around here? :-)

I've committed this and a new working options dialog for putting in a
Google key under Tools > Piggy Bank > Options, the General tab, which is
selected by default. You can build the latest Longwell and Piggy Bank
from source to see the feature (this means more stable Google Maps for
all, except Safari users).

Illustrating Stefano's point about a web service for keys... You need
to copy the now very ugly PB URL provided in the dialog box, go to
Google's page, which is linked in the dialog box, paste it in to their
page and check their agreement-to-terms checkbox, then log in to Google
before getting a key, which you then copy and paste back into the
original dialog box. Although dialog boxes in Mozilla seem to trap all
clicks until cancelled, so somewhere in there you also have to cancel
and re-open the PB options.

Suggestions on how to get the wrinkles out?

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