Re: dynamically added links to RDF

From: Vineet Sinha <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:22:38 -0400

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Alf Eaton wrote:
>> Is there any way that Piggy Bank could recognise a <link
>> rel="alternate"> link added dynamically to a page by a Greasemonkey
>> script? It seems that at the moment Piggy Bank only checks the source
>> of the original page (I think).
> Well, since I'm actually looking into how greasemonkey does things, I
> could very well add this functionality as I'm doing it.... it should be
> possible, PB just has to recognize the presence of Greasemonkey and act
> accordingly.
> At the same time, though, it feels kinda hacky (or not very efficient)
> to have both greasemonkey and PB react on the dom... hmmmm....
> What do others think?

Seperation of concerns is a good design philosophy, so it sounds good to

I would imagine not trying to recognize Greasemonkey, but check if the
dom is ever changed and then act on the dom (but then again, I have not
looked at eithers source).

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