Re: bibtex2rdf RDFizers and Longwell

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:31:05 -0400

Ryan Lee wrote:
> Jon Crump wrote:
>> On another matter. I'm still not able to run Longwell on a windows XP
>> box, per the build log I sent 14 July. Has anyone an idea on how to
>> get past this. Surely someone has managed to run Longwell on Windows?
> I'll have to get back to you on that. I loaned said Windows machine out
> for a spell. I can check on Virtual PC, but I have to get Java running
> in it first.
> For reference, I think this might be the same issue (it's also unresolved):

I'm pretty sure it's the same issue, but I still don't know why it
happens. I think you can safely take out lines 58 and 73, remembering
to move the closing angle bracket up a line. Lines 57 and now-71 should
cover the classpath.

Now try again; this time, run 'build.bat clean-all' before trying to build.

You should see this output at some point:

Created dir: [a path]\build\vocabularies\src\edu\mit\simile\vocabularies
Compiling 5 source files to [a path]\build\vocabularies\classes

Compiling 50 source files to ...

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