Re: bibtex2rdf RDFizers and Longwell

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:54:36 -0400

Hi Jon,

Jon Crump wrote:
> Dear all,
> I hope you won't mind if I interrupt this exciting work on Piggy Bank to
> ask a foolish question about BibTEX -> RDF. To run this RDFizer I appear
> to need the full directory:
> bibtex2rdf/source/edu/mit/csail/haystack/rdf/converters. Maybe I also
> need the contents of bibtex2rdf/libraries? Is there a zipped tar file
> for all this or do I have to download each file individually and
> recreate the directory structure? Is there an FTP address for these
> things that would make downloading whole directories easier? Or am I
> missing something obvious.

Are you familiar with file versioning tools such as RCS or CVS? We use
Subversion ( to manage our files. If you
get a subversion client for Windows, you can just check out the
bibtex2rdf project and get everything in one go. I use TortoiseSVN on
my Windows XP machine (

There's a detailed manual online; this particular part may be what
you're looking for (although TortoiseSVN is a graphical client, so
you'll be using the mouse instead of the command line in these examples):

The repository root of bibtex2rdf is:

Perhaps Nick might also be interested in building a distribution of his

> On another matter. I'm still not able to run Longwell on a windows XP
> box, per the build log I sent 14 July. Has anyone an idea on how to get
> past this. Surely someone has managed to run Longwell on Windows?

I'll have to get back to you on that. I loaned said Windows machine out
for a spell. I can check on Virtual PC, but I have to get Java running
in it first.

For reference, I think this might be the same issue (it's also unresolved):

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