Re: Just Starting Out

From: Danny Ayers <>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 15:07:34 +0200

On 8/15/05, Jason Foster <> wrote:

> > I'd be tempted to experiment with text file based storage (i.e.
> > RDF/XML), at least initially. I found it straightforward to set up
> > with my own data, (see [2]) . I've no idea of the current
> > Longwell/DSpace status. At some point, personally I want to use
> > Longwell/PiggyBank alongside a Redland RDF store, but that's another
> > story.
> Ick! Call me lazy, but the idea of having to maintain a set of XML
> or N3 files manually gives me hives. I'm definitely in the hunt for
> a tool that provides a nice, intuitive, lazy-person-friendly editing
> interface.

I've no intention of doing anything manually with my own RDF/XML
except perhaps a little schema tweaking. But Longwell seems
comfortable with relatively large files, so although the translation
aspect may be fairly one-way, it's also fairly hands-free.


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