Re: structured bibliographic info for BioMed Central articles now available as RDF

From: Leigh Dodds <>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:30:57 +0100

Matthew Cockerill wrote:

> The latter case is what we are dealing with, so it seems that to explicitly express that it's a sequence,
> while nice, isn't strictly necessary if people agree (as they seem
to) that the order of <dc:creator>
> properties should be taken as significant.

People may agree that, but your RDF parser, tools and serializer won't
treat it as significant. There's no way to access an RDF graph and ask
for "the first dc:creator" in the XML file; any XML syntax relationships
are thrown away once you've gotten an RDF graph. You'll lose all
ordering if you just parse and reserialize the data.

You really ought to use an rdf:Seq.

Why not also make the RDF data separately linkable, avoiding the need
for other tools to scrape the data out of the HTML? For IngentaConnect
I was going to add an "autodiscovery" link style link to associate
the RDF representation with the HTML version


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