Re: structured bibliographic info for BioMed Central articles now available as RDF

From: Alf Eaton <>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 18:44:26 +0200

On 14 Sep 2005, at 18:30, Leigh Dodds wrote:

> Why not also make the RDF data separately linkable, avoiding the need
> for other tools to scrape the data out of the HTML? For IngentaConnect
> I was going to add an "autodiscovery" link style link to associate
> the RDF representation with the HTML version

I agree. In particular, Piggy Bank isn't able to automatically
recognise the RDF embedded in the page and make use of it.

Also, is there a reason why it's an RSS item, rather than something
from a more appropriate ontology (say, a bibtex:article, for example)?

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