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From: Philip Adams <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:25:14 +0100

I came across the same problem as Bruce, but on a PC with Windows XP. I
solved the problem by closing the Firefox window that had opened up with the
Google site.
On the way I noticed that my attempts to click on the setup prompt seemed to
be registering with the minimised Firefox, which 'flashed' on each click. I
guess the Firefox window is a kind of digression within the setup process.
Closing that window enabled me to get back to the setup prompt and paste in
the url. Everything else went smoothly.

Philip Adams
Senior Assistant Librarian (Systems Support)
De Montfort University Library
Tel.: 0116 250 6397

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I'm running into a bug on Mac OS X, 10.3.9, using Firefox 1.5 beta 1.

When I am going through tthe config process and get to the sheet to
enter the google key, I cannot get a cursor to do that. Let me more
precise: I can get a cursor at first, but when I click the google key
url and it opens the new window and I do my thing there, when I go
back to that window, I cannot get the cursor.

At the end I did get it to work by cancelling and restarting the
config process, and then pasting the key directly.

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