Re: [heads up] Piggy Bank 2.1.0 release candidate available for testing

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:05:55 -0400

Thanks, Philip and Bruce! I've fixed the code to launch a non-modal
window instead so that switching back to the dialog box is possible.

Please, keep the comments coming!


Philip Adams wrote:

>I came across the same problem as Bruce, but on a PC with Windows XP. I
>solved the problem by closing the Firefox window that had opened up with the
>Google site.
>On the way I noticed that my attempts to click on the setup prompt seemed to
>be registering with the minimised Firefox, which 'flashed' on each click. I
>guess the Firefox window is a kind of digression within the setup process.
>Closing that window enabled me to get back to the setup prompt and paste in
>the url. Everything else went smoothly.
>Philip Adams
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>De Montfort University Library
>Tel.: 0116 250 6397
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>From: Bruce D'Arcus []
>Sent: 28 September 2005 00:38
>Subject: Re: [heads up] Piggy Bank 2.1.0 release candidate available for
>I'm running into a bug on Mac OS X, 10.3.9, using Firefox 1.5 beta 1.
>When I am going through tthe config process and get to the sheet to
>enter the google key, I cannot get a cursor to do that. Let me more
>precise: I can get a cursor at first, but when I click the google key
>url and it opens the new window and I do my thing there, when I go
>back to that window, I cannot get the cursor.
>At the end I did get it to work by cancelling and restarting the
>config process, and then pasting the key directly.
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