Piggy Bank feature? Cryptic criteria

From: Joel Shprentz <jshprentz_at_his.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:53:21 -0400

Occasionally Piggy Bank's "focus on these values" feature yields cryptic
filter criteria such as:

    * tag urn:tag:bGVjdHVyZQ==_47ecb3e8438780f61924f344bdbbf0a7

Follow these steps to produce a similar filter criterion.

1. Start at "My Piggy Bank"
2. Click on any tag in the left column with more than one item.
3. In one of the displayed items, click on the tag from step 2.
4. Click + to show referrers.
5. Click "focus on these values" in the lower right.
6. Observe the filter criterion.

Other "focus on these values" links produce more user friendly criteria.
For example, clicking "focus on these links" in fromChannel of my "Stars
and Stripes Ball" item give the criterion:

    * fromChannel (backward) Stars and Stripes Ball

I'm using Piggy Bank

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