Re: import from Google Maps?

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 13:04:38 -0400

Alf Eaton wrote:

> On 02 Oct 2005, at 08:51, David Huynh wrote:
>> Alf,
>> So in Solvent, switch to the Code tab, click on Insert Template and
>> choose One page. Then where in the code it says "Put your code
>> here", paste this code:
> [snip]
> Perfect, thanks David. I've put the file online here: <http://
> I'm not sure how it'll respond to maps showing multiple items and
> other types of searches yet, but it does the job for now. Looking for
> a way to get some text into the place marker at the moment (maybe a
> dialog for user input would work).


> I found that Piggy Bank's caching of retrieved data made debugging
> these scripts quite tricky (quitting Firefox then reloading again
> after changing something, for example). It was apparently fixed here
> <> but now that the
> data file is automatically imported there's no data coin to click to
> force reloading the data.

Let us take a look at that bug again.

> Also, the URL matching pattern can only be changed in the n3
> description file, not in the js scraper file itself, but when you
> change this and reload it Piggy Bank seems to add the new URL pattern
> to the old one - not sure how to delete the old pattern yet.

I think you might have to delete the whole previous copy first. It's not
the best approach but we still haven't figured out how to update RDF
data yet.

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