Re: Piggy Bank news filter difficult to remove

From: Joel Shprentz <>
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 15:47:20 -0400


After following your instructions, the cruft is gone and Piggy Bank
removes filters correctly.

Many thanks.
Joel Shprentz
David Huynh wrote:
> You can try to export the data you care about, then uninstall PB, wipe 
> the my-piggy-bank directory in your profile, reinstall PB, and then 
> import the data back in.
> After you uninstall PB, you need to reset a flag so that when you 
> reinstall it, it re-initializes itself again. This can be done by 
> browsing Firefox to about:config, and filter for "piggy", then reset 
> the PB version number.
> David
> Joel Shprentz wrote:
>> I notice that my own Piggy Bank shows much higher counts for many 
>> types: class, ontology, etc. I suspect that some residue remains from 
>> some of the earlier versions of Piggy Bank I've played with this year 
>> (although only the latest is installed).
>> How can I clean out the cruft?
Joel Shprentz
1516 Park Glen Court
Reston, VA 20190
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