Re: PiggyBank install feedback

From: Alf Eaton <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 08:40:20 -0400

On 05 Oct 2005, at 08:32, David Huynh wrote:

> OK, I can see that Save? Persist? Publish? sounds a bit like Abort?
> Retry? Failure? :-) We'll do something about it.

That would be useful - I still have no idea what Persist does, and
most people probably aren't using Publish, at least at first.
> Any idea of how to communicate the concept of screen scrapers to
> end-users?

It might be useful to have more of an installation wizard for
installing scrapers - it's not obvious at all that first you have to
import the file, then save the scraper, then click the little install
icon, before trying it out on a page.

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