Re: Piggy Bank, timeline visualization, and scrapers

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:09:16 -0400

You need to register for a key with Google Maps and then enter that key
into the file.


Rickard Öberg wrote:

> Hej!
>> Rickard, regarding your passus on the Semantic Bank Server:
>> Have you managed to get a installation of a Semantic Bank Server running
>> without errors in your own OS-enviroment? If so, would it be possible
>> for
>> you to provide a reference - i.e. the OS-platform, OS-version,
>> Java-version
>> et al to this forum?
> Well, getting it started was not very difficult, and there were no
> errors and so on. What happens with Google Maps, specifically, is that
> when I select "coordinates (map)" while showing some data I get about
> ~30 JavaScript warnings in the console, all coming from the file
>, and one error saying
> "_XMLHTTP is not defined" in map.js in the Semantic Bank. If I "fix"
> that by replacing it with "new XMLHttpRequest()" I get another error
> saying "D is not defined". It seems like the level of errors here are
> such that everyone should get them and not only me. But in any case, I
> am using FireFox 1.0.6 if that helps.
> regards,
> Rickard
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