RE#4.1: SEMANTIC-BANK Q&A: Neither sh- or bat-scripts will finalize cleanly: Unless using US-ENG

From: Patrik Holmer <>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 12:02:41 +0200

Stefano, Eric, Ryan et al, thank's for spending time with this - as it
seems, internationalization - issue of mine.

SM wrote:
Done-> 1) download the latest version of semantic bank
Done-> 2) "cd" into it
Done-> 3) type "./ run src/rdf"
Okey-> [don't type anything else afterwards and let the console running]
Done-> 4) point your browser to ""

I followed the instructions above. It still wouldn't work, ending up in a
basic Semantic Bank, even when trying the tips provided by Eric Miller.

Fortunately, having a dejà-vu about the with-standing 'lingua
franca'-problem in computing, I upgraded a unit to Slackware 10.2 for
Firefox-support and installed a Firefox 1.0.6 in US English. Although, using
the "data icon" on didn't help matters,
publishing a 'news item'-RDF from the commercial site did!
It turned up as Starting Points - News (1).

It seems to me, that the old problem of internationalization, dating back to
the times when I was using Floppy Discs large as underlays, still persists.
Up to now, I've been expecting

Please, provide a system reference on the Install-page of Semantic Bank,
regarding; OS-platform, Firefox-version, language-versions and the expected
result of the default installation of Semantic Bank and Piggy Bank.

// Patrik

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Stefano, thanks for the quick input!

SM wrote:
   1) download the latest version of semantic bank
   2) "cd" into it
   3) type "./ run src/rdf"
[don't type anything else afterwards and let the console running]
   4) point your browser to ""

The basic Semantic Bank, as described below, still stands - in all of my

What, of the apparent, is eluding me? I just don't see it.

// Patrik

Ryan, a quick response, as always, appreciated.

RL wrote: "Perhaps we should be more detailed and mention that 'properly'
means the Semantic Bank should be visible when browsed to,..."

With no man.-pages available, it would be helpful, as a starting point for
new Semantic-Bank users, to provide a reference setup for
http://localhost:8888/bank and an image co-responding to an expected default
view of Semantic-Bank, when initially loaded. Also, a brief description of
system and OS-platform requirements or at least a referenced setup, would be
appreciated. Thus, narrowing down the field of possible faults and

RL wrote: "...and that 'stopping' is something along the lines of ctrl-C."

A thousand pardons, in my Microsoft OS-enviroments I have a BIOS-code setup,
avoiding keyboard buffers-^C in DOS-sessions and relying on Ctrl+Break/Pause
to do the job. Pressing Ctrl+Break causes the mentioned flurry of event
messages in the XPP-cmd window. Disabling the BIOS-code setup and on
pressing Ctrl+C, the Semantic-Bank script neatly provides a
Y/N-input-question, enabling the user to end the script or not. But, in
Debian-Ubuntu or Slackware 10.1 bin/bash-consoles a STOP,INT,HUP or
TERMINATE signal won't stop the script and thus block the Port 8888 from
further script-a-do. A crude KILL works though, as in any situation.

RL wrote: "Have you added anything to your bank? The SB screenshot on the
home page is of one that's been used heavily."

All that I've done, is to follow the instructions on and then expecting to see a
default Semantic Bank as depicted on the page A standard run-of-the-mill

RL wrote: A new, empty bank has no tags, no starting points (because there's
no data), and not particularly interesting typed data (classes, properties,
etc.). What do you mean by 'no descriptive labels?' To me, that sounds
like the ontologies haven't been loaded, but I'm not sure what indicates to
you that no descriptive labels exist."

A basic Semantic Bank is to me one that loads the paraphernalia, a
right-most page-column headlined as "Starting Point" with a "Type here to
search"-fields below - nothing else. Also a left-most page-column headlined
as "Browse Data by Type" with an odd twenty tags as "Facade (10)" and
"Ontology (11)" available. As mentioned above, I'm expecting a showcase.

RL wrote: Is your instance of SB running in a public location? Can we see

I'm not letting the fabled 'Cat out of the bag' - referencing
'Pig-in-a-poke' - until it works as depicted on the page and I fully understand it's
configurations. I'm in a test enviroment, so the installed Semantic Banks
aren't currently available. Expect to see it at data standards .org and
.com/.se in the future.

// Patrik
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