From: Brett Zamir <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:40:59 +0800

And a third idea...

I could see great use for the ability to both tag individual tables and
individual table cells, rows, and/or columns. It would be especially helpful
I think if one could also display this metadata in a tabular format along
with the original table. For example, if one added tags for an individual
row, the program could ideally regenerate the original table, adding a
column for the tag (or if the tags apply to individual cells, the tag or
comment data could appear when hovering the cursor over that cell--analogous
to how it currently works with Google maps).

If one could also combine this with the ability to generate one's own tables
by retrieving tabular data or regular data from different websites and
aggregating them together, this would be a truly revolutionary enhancement
(along the lines of the ideas described at )

Best wishes,
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