Re: PiggyBank install feedback

From: David Karger <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:09:59 -0400

I agree that with you about the common mode of use. Perhaps it is worth
having a second directly clickable "coin" to represent direct collection
of whole page into the permanent repository?

Michael McDougall wrote:

> Alf Eaton wrote:
>> On 05 Oct 2005, at 08:32, David Huynh wrote:
>>> OK, I can see that Save? Persist? Publish? sounds a bit like Abort?
>>> Retry? Failure? :-) We'll do something about it.
>> That would be useful - I still have no idea what Persist does, and
>> most people probably aren't using Publish, at least at first.
> I'll back that up too. I wasn't clear what Persist and Publish do, and
> since I was browsing RDF data that is private to my company I was
> scared to just press them and see what happened (though I did anyway).
> Other comments:
> - The metaphor seems a little discontinuous to me. When I click the
> "RDF coin" the animation (nice, BTW) shows RDF coins going into a
> slot--it looks like the RDF (coin) is being stored in my DB (piggy
> bank). But then on the next page I find out this isn't the case--I
> still need to save things before the data is *really* stored in my
> piggy bank. I could see how people may assume the data is stored in
> the bank already and "Save" means save the item to a file.
> - Maybe make the "Save All" button more prominent. I've been playing
> with Piggy Bank for a couple of days and I just found it. Now that I
> found it it's only a click away, but I expect most of my RDF gathering
> to be of the form: 1. Click coin, 2. Click "save all", 3. Go back to
> browsing. It would be nice if Piggy Bank was optimized for that
> sequence of actions (though maybe most users will want to pick and
> choose what they save).
> - Piggy Bank no longer conflicts with find-as-you-type. Thanks.
> Michael
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