"Attention" FF plugin/service

From: Danny Ayers <danny.ayers_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 11:19:03 +0100

I just ran into this:

Root Vault [1] is an "attention" tracker - a FF plugin and online
storage which records the sites you visit etc. There's some discussion
of it at [2].

Export of the data is possible in Technorati's Attention.xml format
[3] (an XHTML microformat). This is associated with AttentionTrust
[4], a group "dedicated to promoting the basic rights of attention
owners" (whether the group is any more than a hype generator remains
to be seen).

The President of AttentionTrust is A-list blogger/journalist Steve
Gillmor, who has been plugging this stuff for a while, his view goes
beyond mere click-counting:
What does matter is a pool of attention metadata owned by the users.
This open cloud of reputational presence and authority can be mined by
each group of constituents. Users can barter their attention in return
for access to full content, membership priviliges, and incentives for
strategic content.
]] [5]

There's been a little interest in the tech blogosphere at large about
this, Gillmor's a mate of Dave Winer, so rather predictably there have
been a few people suggesting using RSS 2.0 and/or OPML format for the
data (yeeuch). Just gimmee some XSLT and a MicroModel ;-)


[1] http://root.net (darn, that's a cool domain)
[2] http://bokardo.com/archives/microsoft-trust-attention/
[3] http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/attentionxml
[4] http://attentiontrust.org/
[5] http://blogs.zdnet.com/Gillmor/index.php?p=74

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