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From: Matthew Cockerill <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:27:31 -0000

That is one excellent way to dereference an ISBN.

But it is onlyone of an indefinite number of choices.
And so all developers who want to spot ISBNs in an incoming stream of metadata would have to continuously add to their list of 'possible URIs which might correspond to an ISBN'.

But even doing so begs the question - what is this ISBN thing to which all these different URI forms correspond, and how can the developer tell that the IDs in these different metadata streams mean the same thing?

A curated registry actually gives you a single thing to which all these URI forms can correspond.
There is only one ISBN type within the URI registry.

ISBN is a slightly unusual example, since it's one of the few identifiers to have been blessed with its own URN-space. which does that job already. But info makes it orders of magnitude easier to achieve the same for other identifiers.

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Alf Eaton wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> I'd much rather invest on automatically dereferenceable URIs now and
>> avoid paying the discoverability price (not only the technical one but
>> also the social one!) later on.
> Stefano,
> Just as example, which dereferenceable URI would you use for the book
> "The History of Love", ISBN 0393060349, so that everybody would be able
> to use that URI as an identifier for that book?
> alf.

How about


-- Matthias

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