Re: Solvent and combining sources

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:15:55 -0500

Michael McDougall wrote:
> I've been playing with Solvent and trying to get scrapings from
> different pages listed on the same map.
> Here's some feedback and a question.
> Issues
> - In the Solvent UI, make it easier to set the 'type' of the node you
> are creating. Make this at least as easy as associating an XPath
> expression with 'address' -- put a big text box at the top of the right
> hand pane saying "TYPE" or something.
> - I couldn't get the "process text further" thing to do anything. It
> complained about Piggy Bank not being installed when it actually was
> installed.
> - Solvent doesn't seem to be aware of multiple tabs or windows. This
> gets confusing when you are trying to scrape 2 tabs at the same time. I
> would like to be able to write a scraper on one tab, switch tabs, write
> another scraper, and then switch back and forth so that each tab
> preserves the javascript generated for that tab.

I would be valuable if you recorded these issues in the issue tracker
( or believe me, they will get forgotten
in here :-)

> Question: I want to combine data from different pages in a single map.
> It's easy to dump everything into Piggy Bank and then map it, but I want
> to have data from one page be blue and data from another page to be red
> (like David's demo at ISWC). I couldn't figure this out. I would create
> an n3 page (using Solvent), click the RDF coin, click back, track the
> page (Ctrl-shift-T and assign it a name), repeat for the other page, and
> then select the "combine..." menu item but I just get a page saying " No
> typed data found." Any ideas? What's the exact sequence of commands I
> need to use to combine data like this?

The easiest way to do this (I agree the current way is a little
unusable) is to load the data in piggy bank and tag it with a particular
tag, then do the same with the other data and then click on the tag.
That will filter on the tag and will end up combining the two sets of
resources into one.

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